Photography/mixed media Project: Many Items £7 or less.

Photography/mixed media Project: Many Items £7 or less 

Advertisement has become so ubiquitous with our society that we tend to ignore the imagery around us: whether it be billboards, shop windows, and so on. I find billboards to have a sense of Deja Vu, the repetition in seeing the same imagery in the different locations you visit renders the images portrayed strange and vaguely uncanny this is why you can see elements of the same image in multiple collages. 

 I find that I am not trying to replicate the image and keep its integrity however, I am using the images as a collective, not as individual components. Re-photographing as prince says, “has always been a way of making an image again and to make it look as natural looking as it did when it first appeared” I am not trying to do this with the images. Usually when seeing advertisement there is an obstruction or alteration rendering the image immediately different to its original. The scale is a huge component of this. Usually, these images are blown up to proportions way exceeding its original resolution, distorting, and pixelating the image. There is something inherently uncanny about standing in front of an image that is grossly larger than its physical counterpart. This is something I aim to exemplify in the exhibition by once again enlarging the image for a second time really emphasizing the distortion and consuming the viewer within the image. 
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