Hidden Falls

Saw this hidden fall online and knew of the whereabouts of the area roughly . Set off with a fellow photographer and viewranger and having taken the wrong valley at first back tracked fording a stream a couple of times , managing dense undergrowth and rocky scrambling eventually came upon a great set of waterfalls named Middle Back Clough . 
We took our long exposures and headed back pleased with ourselves . Detouring as not to take the wrong valley again we found the swollen river impossible to cross without getting wet feet . Searching  for a while we finally found an island we could hop to then leap to the other side.  I went first and my right leg slipped into the fast flowing stream , my fellow tog being of smaller stature made the island but wasn't going to make the other bank without help . I stretched out a hand and he leapt across grinning my hand and I pulled him across but the momentum carried him forward , sinning and tripping over a rock he brought me down with him . We both lay there laughing , mainly dry except for the tears from our eyes . The photos were worth it . 
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