Summer ‘19

These images are from my summer this year. The image of the statue was taken inside the  Musée d’Orsay in Paris. The image of the three people was also in France during a tense game of egg and spoon. It was the losers race (being elderly they couldn’t run very fast) and they all took it very seriously. The image of the boy and the girl was taken in London under a blooming magnolia tree. Two of my best friends let me take photos of them as I wanted to make the most of the tree as a backdrop. 

I think the image of the statue captures a certain dark and atmospheric feeling that I felt inside the building amongst all the art. The images of the people capture natural moments between themselves. Together the three photos capture memories of the summer with family and friends. 

All images were taken on film on a Minolta X-370.

Elsie Rosen 

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