Terrace House

My body is heavy and tired but I'll give it a fragile try; Terrace House is a beautiful japanese reality tv show ( "unscripted" ) about three girls and three boys. The only rule is to give them a really nice house and some fancy cars. The rest is up to them. It airs once a week ( but you can binge watch it on Netflix ) as it follows their life, the choices they make work wise or their next romantic move. As they live the co-living lifestyle they keep not only their hobbies but their jobs too. Throughout the series ( there is multiple seasons ) you meet professional models, students with a part time job, aspiring actors, mangaka, basketball players, illustrator, shop owners, architect and more. 

As a young freelance artist trying to survive in a world of  "be at the right place at the right time and meet the right person or you are screwed " I often find myself in them.

Not to highlight the fact that I live in London and if you've been living in London you surely heard at least once about LoveIsland... A show about botoxed people incapable to place Japan on a map and with only one goal ; to do some bits ( defined as " the act of getting intimate with someone but not having sex " ) thats pretty much it. The show pushes contestant to couple up together until the best couple wins a lot of money and the entire "reality" part of if is a big fat scam. 

I can't blame you if you watched it.. I did too..
Don't blame me though if you didn't.. You lucky ba̶s̶t̶a̶r̶d̶ cool lobbyist.

So imagine how it feels like when you discover a reality tv show where there is no winner, no competition, no cash, no couple up bullshit, no brain-dead people wondering what is the capital of Spain while promoting cheap greedy clothing brands, drinking their regulated bad glass of rosé wine. Instead you witness people like you and me wondering about life ( just chill! There's drama too), arguing about goals ; " I can't be with someone who has no purpose, who doesnt work hard to achieve their dreams " thats what I thought too but I almost believed I was a crazy stuck up lady for thinking like this... Because the society that surrounds me prefer to sell me a teeth whitener to brighten my futur instead of telling me to get my ass out of the deepness of my couch - and go grab my dream by it balls. Excuse my french ( as I am an actual french person I really apologise for my english. Eh oui, bonjour ). 

Anyway, Terrace House is great. People come and go as they please, fall in love or not as they please, drink to the point of no return or drink cucumber infused water as they F***ING please.
You should watch it.

So you might wonder " why this crazy chick wrote a novel about a reality tv show instead of explaining us the meaning of this illustration of hers ?" Hehehe. Well the woman I illustrated is a housemate in the 2019' serie of TH ( come on you know the show now, you are a fan too so lets be cool and call it TH ). Her name is Kaori and she is a freelance illustrator. WAIT A SECOND.... I'm a freelance illustrator too ! Maybe thats why I felt inspired by her and drew her cute little face and her to-cool-for-you dog mascot.

The best part is that she saw it and loved it. Japanese people are cool. If you wanna be cool but can't turn yourself into a japanese person, alternatively you can go love my illustration too on my Instagram Art Account ; @syls_illustration 

Is this a good ending ?

Freelance illustrator often drinking tea with the Queen of England and Ash! @syls_illustration
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