Grimm Reaper

Death is life
Life is death
They are black and white
You can not have one without the other
As we fear The Reaper with his sythe, we dont live
We survive
We fear death and all that it is 
But we relish in a life we dont live 
And as you lie on your death bed
Full of fear and regret
For not living this blessing called life to the fullest
That is when you enter an emotional purgatory
Where we all wallow in what could have been
Because if you could, you would do it again
But like a shark
You cant turn back the time
And as you demand God to give you your life back
You fall deeper into the undiscovered isle of ends 
So dark yet so blinding as you walk towards The Reaper
Scared of his embrass
But when he grasps you gentally
Feeling the hatred and ill-will you have radiating off him
He finds it terribly ironic
That if he would have told you the hour of you untimely dimise
You would have been late



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