What inspires me?

When I take my camera I barely plan my work. My pictures are often the pure reflection of my feelings, and most of them are taken by chance.
I get inspired by the subtle. By small details. By loneliness and sad feelings. By the wind, the waves, the rain. By a sunray diving through the fog. The ocean, the moon and the light drive me crazy.

When I feel depressed or anxious my work results in chaotic lights. When I feel mental peace my pictures reflect calm and subtle lights.
I always look for the light and for the reflections. Whenever I'm walking any subtle light reflected on a window, mirror, water or any surface caught my eye.

The series Feels is a selection of analog pictures that capture the essence of my inner emotions - a walk from mental chaos to peace and self-respect.

Iridescent melancholia IG @ramonsantosg
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