Black Shame

Why is my black not enough for you ?
Is it because I don't have cornrows to the back 
Or where my pants below my knees
Or is it because I don't disrespect the woman who gave birth to the my biggest blessing
And refer to her as a “baby momma”

How am i not black enough for you ?
Did my  black ancestors walk a different path than yours ?
Did my great great great grandmother not get whipped and chained too ?
Did my grandparents not sacrifice everything for me to have a better life?
Did an African American leader not sacrifice so many things so that I could walk this earth,free, just like you ?
Without being refered to as “nigger” and treated like a slave. 
Without bonds.
Not only physically with the same shackles that bound harriet.
But the same bonds that bonded their thoughts. The same bonds
That Rosa broke when she decided that she was going to be treated like the 
Black queen that she was and sit.

If our ancestors haven't taught us anything it's that black isn't a color it's a lifestyle.
And your not black enough for me ?
Your not black enough because you discredit every sacrifice that every one of our leaders made.

Your not black enough because you don't hold yourself to a higher standard.
You don't hold yourself to the standard of loving a man who treats you like the black queen your are.
You don't hold yourself to the standard of providing for your family, like a man is supposed to.
You don't hold yourself to the standard of being cautious of what you say out of your  mouth. 

Because every lie, swear word, hateful comment, and petty drama that spues through your mouth is a representation of our black ancestors. Black ancestors who almost sacrificed their lives so that we could become the true kings and queens we are. Black ancestors who gave their all so that we will make them proud. Make them proud and become something. Something that they said that we couldn't. 

Become someone that they said we werent. 
You my fellow negro, are worthy. You fellow negro, youre a piece of history.. Your the product of their blood, sweat, tears, whippings, burns, and shackles. You my negro ...your apart of something bigger. Its bigger than you and me . Its history. 

And you my negro have to start acting like it.

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