Don’t be normal - Amelia Potter

Detach, retract the mind from sanity 
Cause I believe in magic. 
There’s magic in museums, recital halls and stages. 
Where people aren’t just people, they’re players of their faces 
Like the sun it’s at the centre, of the universe we’re in 
Magic is every heart beat, in every person everything 
Detach the mind from normal, if you can’t then you should try
Cause when you do it’s perfect, sincerity of mind 
Juxtaposing that may be
To think illusion to be stable 
But isn’t that the greatest thing I’m bringing to this table 
Why live in and endure solemnity , each day for eighty years
When you could live like sunsets, who fall without some fear 
I’d fall from fifty stories, imagining I fly 
If you tell me to breathe water I won’t hesitate to try 
I’d float in space if you’d let me, believing I’ll be fine
So teach me to be calmer and I’ll tell you why I won’t 
Because what fun is to be normal? 
When you’re born to be the most. 

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