"Indie-strial. Y’all heard of that? Pounding industrial beats with the sad boi s**t of today’s indie? That’s .XOM." -Quip from local scenester, circa 2018. 
.XOM is an indie/electronic band from Palmdale, CA. Consisting of Ivan Oliva on Vocals, Synth/Samples, & Guitar, Dakota Metzger on Bass & Vocals, Dominic Parker on Guitar & Vocals and Chris Cameron on Drums, the group began with various small demos recorded by the members individually and coming together with similar tastes and influences to perform the songs live. With a growing fan base, an energetic live reputation, and two recent releases, EP #2 and the "Bubble World" single, the band is reaching new heights and territory out of their home base in the Antelope Valley. Their most recent shows include Trash Mag’s Zine Release at the Smell and Rare House in Downtown LA. An upcoming 3rd EP is scheduled for the end of the year.

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