A Second Look by Breonca Hurt

These images are from my Senior Thesis project. 
Thesis Statement 

Developing imagery that challenges creative boundaries and stimulates the imagination has always been at the forefront of my abstract photography. Exploring more unconventional methods of interpretation and presentation, I take photos of textured, agricultural buildings and things we wouldn't even notice or give the time of day; this is my ‘Abstracted Reality’. Right from the outset, my photographic vision has been to look at objects with fresh eyes and a new perspective, discovering beauty and transcendence in the commonplaces. For me, photography is not so much about artistically recording what is there but creating something new and different out of what exists already. I want to give new life to a subject, to alter and challenge the viewer’s perspective and to invite a sense of mystery, wonder, intrigue, and nostalgia.
To achieve this, I made a conscious decision not to heavily manipulate or artificially create my photographs. While I do undertake basic enhancements to my images, essentially what you see in the final presentation is what I saw through the lens. Having to rely on my own imagination and creativity was invigorating and through this process I came to realize how highly I value the truthfulness and authenticity of a photographic image. I don’t want to oversaturate my pictures in the computer. Paradoxically, I want my ‘unreal’ abstracts to be as ‘real’ and authentic as possible.

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