I am running from a memory 
 Making my way past things
 Like a striker on blazing glory
 Each force gives fuel
 To my disguise pain
 I am but one with myself 
 In embracing all the men 
 That their zip ups forgot me
 -Father can you hear me 
 Like a wind broking through walls
 Father can you feel me 
 Like a volcano melting on skin
 Father do you understand me 
 I am not a theory 
 But a daughter 
 Seeking an audience 
 In free falling 
 I make room for 
 My pain to bear witness 
 To the world 
 I strive in the collateral damages
 Of your absence 
 Still I am caught in the net 
 Like a helpless fish 
 All in the name of finding 
 Your love 
 -Falling in pieces 
 Shedding my skin
 In hope surrenders 
 Of a new me 
 Abiding in moments peace
Posted by Joy
I am an Artist.
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