Hi everyone!
My name is Max, and I have kind of aesthetic vision, at least I would think so)
I was 21 years old when I got my first smartphone with good enough camera to make some pictures. It was not my purpose or obsession to take photos, it was more like subconscious desire to capture some views, things and people that I believed were really beautiful on my opinion. So all those photos for me were no more or less that unique flashbacks to magic moments. Later, I’ve been starting to post them on my social media pages with no intention to sell them or something like that. To find out does somebody see in them that beauty that I tried to capture all i was interested in. People started to respond to them, saying some nice things to me about colours, angles, focuses and composition. That helped me to understand that I am not the only person who see beauty in that way.
You will find below some facts about my personality that have an impact on my works:
-       I am inspired by pure nature, historic architecture, genuine emotions and inimitable beauty of the sea (I was born in Odessa, by the way, you should visit this city one day!);
-       Some of my works may differ from usual concepts of beauty because of I’m always trying to find something new, something that nobody has seen before;
-       Well-known fact that I’m perfectionist, just for my friends of course, so to make just one, fully compatible photo with my sense of beauty  – I can spend a lot of time. At least my friends got used to it and don’t distract me from this process;
On that note, allow me to wish everyone who reads this words - never stop until you succeed, no matter what it is if you want this and whatever it takes.

Posted by Max
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