Maurizio Cattelan’s “Comedian”, Is It Really Art?

At the center of one of the largest art media crazes in late 2019 is a banana. This piece entitled “Comedian,” first appeared in the Art Basel Mimi in June 2019. The art show “Art Basel” is an art fair based in Switzerland, the United States, and China. Their goal is to sell works from “established and emerging artists” according to the organization. “Comedian” by Maurizio Cattelan has become another piece in his long line of “comedy” works. He has become well known in the art world for creating works that have meaning behind them. Such as his 2016 piece entitled “America.” This work is a solid 18-karat gold toilet, stolen in 2019 while on loan in the United Kingdom. With many large scale works and experimental works, it’s a wonder how an everyday object was able to stick out from everything else. It’s questioned as a real art piece or not. “Comedian” falls under the umbrella of art due to the definition of art, the idea, and creation authentication. 
 Underneath the definition of art, the art piece in question would follow the basic guidelines to define art. According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, the word art is defined by [a] skill acquired by experience, study, or observation. Due to the reasoning behind the definition, this is considered art. The consumer is observing the banana duck taped to the wall. Through due prosses of observation, the consumer is taking in the experience of observation. Because the definition of art states that art is an experience, study, or observation. The artwork is following two of the three basic principles of art making it a basic form of art. 
 This art piece maintains a concept behind it, that supplies a basic meaning for the consumer. The banana is meant to create “a wry commentary on society, power, and authority” according to the Perrotin Gallery. The artist, Maurizio Cattelan wanted to provide a conversation for the consumers that provided “dry and mocking humor.” The artist’s ability to take an ordinary everyday object and turn it into an art piece helps create a more complete message, and how they want it portrayed to the consumer. He also aimed to create a vision into how humans put worth to objects and how we value them. The meaning behind the piece has helped the art be more appreciated by the consumer. By having an idea known to those how to wish to know more about it helps create the feeling of it as an art piece. 
When the Cattelan created the art the banana it’s self can be recreated but it’s not the real piece. If someone is to buy the piece they are paying for the idea and the banana. Due to the ability to recreate this piece very easy the work is in the certificate of authorization which allows the buyer to replace it and own it. The ability of the buyer to be able to be authorized to have the idea of the artwork.
 Shortly after the art show started “Comedian” was a popular piece with the gallery. Due to the consumers posting pictures of them and the art online it helped create an online presence for the art. This helped people create their own versions of this work, but none of them remained to the expectations of the original. This piece has helped pushed the boundaries of modern art but maintaining the definition of art, ideas, and authenticity. Form the normal taping a banana to a dorm wall to the outright crazy duck tape getting tapped to the wall by a banana. The parodies of this overnight sensation of this piece have helped it reach a cult-like status in this modern art world. Propelling the art world into further disarray of the meaning of art. Due to the ability for this piece to fall under the definition and meanings of art this piece can defiantly be called art.

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