ANATHI (short film)

ANATHI (short film)

Film Bio:
Anathi, a young school girl plagued by a presence only she can hear and see. Who is this ghost, why does he follow her, and why wont he leave? Will Anathi confront her demon or will she end up just like him.

I made this film as an art final in high school (The National School of the Arts), It was made as part of the multi-media curriculum.
I wanted to bring my film passion into the art class, it was a fun experience for me. As well as my first film that didn't need music. (Term 1 of Grade 12)

More of my art projects.
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Writer, Director, Editor
Keanu Sousa Mendes  


Canon 200D
røde video mic
Final cut Pro X 

My ninth attempt at film. 
March 2019.
(I was 17 at the time.)
Check out my channel for more short films.
Filmmaker. 2015 - Present. "For the shot."
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