The man I love inspires me the most, over and over again. Without his presence and sometimes absence, none of the work I have created over the past three years would have come into being.
The images of “YOU ARE MY YOU” are digital montages, consisting of photos I took of him while on a trip to Italy and screenshots of three of my Doinas. Doinas are a synthesis of performance and visual art. They are performative miniatures, movement on video, that allow a universal reading of a personal experience. In theater, you might compare them to a monologue, in opera to an aria.
In this series, negative and positive, male and female move towards each other, mingle, become one and then separate again. His hand reaches out to me, we merge, then I hold him. It´s a cycle that repeats endlessly. It inspires me, strengthens me, deepens my understanding of life and art and allows me to grow, as a human being and as an artist.

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