The first of fog

How quickly colors fade when something as simple as hope ceases to be found
How quickly we forget our curses to the sun's invasive heat in the depths of winter

The boa constrictor of despair squeezes until breath becomes a shallow thing and eyes see forbidden stars
Struggle abandons
Replaced by a new numb
A gift of poison - eradicating pain and pleasure both

Those forsaken souls who accept the offering of apathy become glaring, hollow eyed shells.
A fight long lost
Inviting those who still fight for air to join them
Amalgyms of former sufferers who want a little company in their hole

The first of fog is hard to find
After all, how can a beginning exist to an experience eternal?
One morning the mist invades and clarity becomes a friend forgotten
The first of fog is hard to find

Yet there are those - we refuse to see
Those who rouse themselves from the spacious coffin of the unfeeling 
Reclaiming passion and love along with pain.

Like prisoners in dark corners
We look away from light
But hope exists
Look up for the first time
Let you eyes sizzle at the sight of hope

Allow a first tear to exit like bloody like a wound
Allow a first day to march against dismay
A first duel against heavy blankets, charred beliefs and disarray
A first protest against the ruined and thankless
A first defense from such a subtle knife
Allow your self a newborn liberation
Today a the first day of a life

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