They're meeting.
They're chatting.
They're laughing.
They're liking.
They're understanding.
They're leaning.
They're kissing.
They're goodbye-ing.

He's calling.
She's answering.
He's thanking.
She's rejoicing.
He's offering.
She's agreeing.
He's planning.
They're scheduling.

They're remeeting.
They're enjoying.
They're questioning.
They're debating.
They're compromising.
They're delighting.
They're relocating.
They're cuddling.

They're communicating.
They're walking.
He's stopping.
He's kneeling.
She's gasping.
He's proposing.
She's accepting.
They're loving.

They're disagreeing.
They're arguing.
She's yelling.
He's withdrawing.
He's grimacing.
She's scowling.
They're apologizing.
They're forgiving.

They're moving.
They're building.
They're decorating.
They're bickering.
They're giggling.
They're negotiating
She's settling.
They're living.

She's talking.
He's ignoring.
She's pressing.
He's freezing.
She's trying.
He's mocking.
She's crying.
He's laughing.

She's packing.
He's imploring.
She's glowering.
He's begging.
She's finishing.
He's pleading.
He's realizing that
she's leaving.

Posted by Joy
Consistently inconsistent Oh, and I write poetry.
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