Old age - Autumn of Life

The soul which once used to pour love ,
Now is all alone ,
Sitting behind those bars,
In search of love,
Which her heart used to ponder so far.
Those hands which used to cook,
Those hands which even fed the little ones...
Now, 'crave' for  handful of food in front of their own young ones.
Throat which was famous for  its melodious lullaby,
Is now lost in a 'desert of thirst'..
Quest of Love in that heart, is wide as an ocean and high as the top of a mountain.
And those eyes still stores a glimpse of faith in them,
A sparkle of HOPE still shines so deep in them.
Cravings of Love, happiness,care,peace and support in a stage of life called as OLD AGE  revolves around a single entity and that is "HOPE".
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