I was Ra*ped at the Super Market

I was raped at the supermarket ,yesterday morning
I was raped in front of women, children and other men 
My eyes filled with tears once i noticed that no one would make it stop
Because it has to be the skirt she is wearing , an inch above the knee 
Maybe the red lipstick adorning her lips 
I didn't 
You see all i wanted was to buy milk and oranges 
All i wanted was to wear my favorite banana patterned skirt because i believed it was cute
I didn't want to be raped, i never asked for it
"You are a beautiful woman, what would you expect!" he said pushing down his pants. 
My body was shaking 
My feet were soaked in a puddle of milk 
I saw the oranges roll away with my dignity and purity
I was raped at the supermarket between shelves and racks 
between cereal and cheese 
I was raped for being a beautiful woman...
No, i was raped for being a woman...
No, i was raped for being a woman in a world were certain men can't control their desires. 
Where certain men feel  like the have the right to shatter.
I don't mean to generalize but men are assholes.
 Now i can't go to the supermarket, I starve myself
I can't look at myself without hating every inch of the skin covering my bent bones
I can't , i fucking can't
I don't want to be a beautiful woman 
Being a woman is not safe.
How do i let people know that it is me and not them when they touch me and i get sick?
How do i let people know that it is me and not them when the compliment my clothes and i pull on it to cover up and uncovered skin?
How do i tell them that i was raped at the supermarket  when i was a woman getting some milk and oranges, i was raped by a man with an dick and no boundaries , in front of people who became the audience and my tragedy their entertainment. How do i tell them, with out being asked if i provoked him
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