The Ride

You invited me with a warm smile while i was in denial. You treated me with cotton candy and the sweet smell of elephant ears. We laughed in the funhouse as the mirrors enhanced our flaws saying it's okay. We talked about our fears mistakes dreams and other things while waiting for a picture to capture this moment when we both realized… we went on the ferris wheel you looked me in my eyes and we both knew i love you. Love, love is a weird word Love is a strong word only spoken when you mean it but you can't mean it if you don't know what it means. Only spoken to family friends and significant others. My mom used to say no still tells me to this day that when you are young you don't know what loving someone really is You said you meant it so i believed it. We decided the final thing to do was to experience something together something new. So you took me on a roller coaster. We’re hand in hand side by side its fun not knowing what we are getting it not knowing what's inside not knowing you are going to leave me on this never ending ride but somehow you get off while im stuck going through these naeusting loops i thought you loved me you said you loved me maybe you'll come back. At first wanting to throw up but then it begins to feel normal. As i'm going into yet another loop i see you in line for the same exact ride hand in hand side by side cotton candy within the eye a girl blinded by love a girl blinded by lies. Thinking hoping you'll stay by her side but we all know how that goes. Shell be on the same ride as i. As i look up in the sky there are birds soaring being free of all ties. Then suddenly i know why. I sit high learning how to forgive how to forget. Knowing i can fly leaving this horrible roller coaster ride letting go of the rail and saying goodbye 
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