the first rebellion

fabrication, of the absent
thoughts on the page
a script lost in translation
you once saw on the stage
and the production rings true now
you matured as it aged
and the ways of the world now
mean your mother
won’t get paid
but she sings for her baby,
so we’ll dance 
so we’ll laugh
you call for the doctor
and the doctor comes fast
the big man with the degree
swears that he knows whats best
watching the youth on the pavement
feel so fucking depressed
“who will wear this robe , so white,
with privilege and bliss?
the only downside to this caper is
all the pain that you’ll miss”
well honestly , who was he kidding?
do you think you really know?
the production that you saw , now
it’s plot holes begin to show
because you’re left feeling unsatisifed
with the ending of the story
is that
what you
wanted ?
did it feel
rather too 
we kept 
before the 
and you don’t actually have to pay now
open your eyes.
we said we’d start to understand,
begin to alter our ways,
so lets sit in silence to fill the time
and think about all the children we’ll save
all the children .that .we’ll save
if you don’t cower down in fear
of the violence and the guns
then surely you don’t think that
this way of life is no fun?
tell them to tell me what you said
pass it down the chain
let your words reverbarate through this barren schoolyard
and take our fathers hand
this is the moment we’ve dreaded
or we’ve waited for , for years
this is the anticipation
happily coupled with your fears
and the tigers out , the games begun
they’re chased
around the square
for the people they love
are no where to be found
and suddenly,
they care.
“call it off
and start the search !
they can’t have gone far”
but if you listen closely
you’ll hear
that they’ve started the car.
to reinvent the way you think
most importantly , how you appear
understand immorality
and your mortality , dear
this is the first
but not the last
time we’ll make a stand
thank you to those
who cuss us ;
this time it’s a demand.

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