loving someone

loving someone,
 being loved,
 feeling loved. 
 it feels warm inside. 
 your stomach has butterflies, 
 and you can't stop smiling. 
 your cheeks start to hurt from it. 
 your heart swells at the thought of it. 
 the thought of who you love. 
 the thought of something you love. 
 the thought of being loved by someone. 
 it's utter bliss until they break you.
 they break you and it hurts. 
 it's no longer the feeling you loved. 
 it's painful. 
 it feels like someone grabbed a knife and stabbed your heart.  
 till you get over it. 
 you're happy. 
 you're finally over this heartbreak. 
 you're no longer sad. 
 that is until
 the vicious cycle repeats itself again.

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