salt crystals.

sometimes it feels like there’s no saving us. 
we’re a memory etched on broken glass 
corroded by tireless waves of terror
an endless atrophy that sparks such wildfires inside us.
we are nothing more than dying stars and broken hearts
hands held so gently as though they’ll break
and arms wrapped so tightly in the hopes we will
it’s a catastrophe, you see
a shitshow of brilliance and violence
I want you in such chaos
I love you the way an angel loves a demon
so unfathomable, untouchable, unthinkable
and yet 
here I am
there is no saving us, is there?
our insatiable impurity comes with an expiration date 
we died long ago 
and the vultures are pecking at the stardust in our veins
hungry for our hungry thoughts
the ones we never spoke
each more touch-starved than the last
you are the drug I never knew I needed
and the withdrawals
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