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November 12, 2019. The supreme court of the United States got together to hear the DACA case. Deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA) is a program that provides reliefs from deportation and allows for work authorization for immigrants brought to the United States as children. In this day justices were hearing arguments from both sides, one side was DACA recipients sharing personal stories and telling the justices why DACA should remain in place. On the other side, lawyers from the Trump administration were trying to convince the justices to end this program. Meanwhile, this session was in discussion, people from all over the country like dreamers, allies, youth leaders, and more came together to show support to DACA. The decision wasn't made on November 12, there is no exact date for the supreme court to make a decision, but the decision will come sometime in spring 2020.

The United States is a country that many people see as a scape from their problems. This country is in constant development thanks to all the people that come to this country to work, to get a better future. The United States is formed by many cultural communities in today's day. It is unfair that the largest community, the immigrant community the one who made this country still fighting for their rights. Me as part of an organization called Connecticut Students for a Dream that helps undocumented communities and leads young people to fight for their rights, based on the state of Connecticut, United States. We drove to the capital of the United States, Washington, D.C. just to support this specif moment. Being able to see this moment, where people all over the country were coming together to make their voices heard in front of the SCOTUS and said that our home is here was really powerful. People singing, dancing, showing their posters, making their voices heard is amazing. Just the people who fight the war, they will be the only ones who will write the history.

I'm Diego Granizo. I was born in 2000, Ecuador and moved to the U.S at the age of 15. I am a current student in a community college. I enjoy literature, take pictures, and write. And I hope in the future I can still do it as a daily life job. Besides my goals, I am a young activist who fights for undocumented communities and helps them to fight for their rights here in the U.S. I really do not define myself too much, because if we define ourselves we put limits in our lives.
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