The man in black robes

I’m dancing with the man in black robes. So smooth, so enjoyable. My feet moving with the rhythm of my heartbeat. Swaying me around the room as his silk clothes brush on my body. His hands, so pale, skinny and cold. I can barely make out the features on his face that is so well covered by his huge black hood. Cheekbones so visible on his face, his lips are incredibly small and pursed. The color of his face is as white as a sheet. Yet he dances with me with such buzzing energy. 

The passionate expression on his pale face as he stares into my soul. The extravagance of his smooth smile, bewildered me. He is the god of death, yet is concerned of my happiness. Picking me up gently, swirling me around the whole room. I could never understand the sympathy embedded in his black eyes. The way his soft touch on my hands brought me comfort. The feeling of safety and happiness filled my lonely soul as I stared back at him. 

The beauty in his elegance and manners made me think of life. How everyone called life beautiful but marked death as an evil man. Yet dancing with him now, the man with black robes allowed me to think otherwise. He had no elongated axe, and had visible wings. Both expanded to each corners of the room. Sparkling with black embers and smelling of the cold winter air. The pain in which I felt so hugely had no turned into a mere tingling sensation. His touch cured my soul. His smile purified my heart. The huge hood that had once covered his face had now fallen into his back. Exposing the rest of his face. 

Underneath the mysterious hood, revealed a tall man. A gasp escaped from my lungs as I was surprised to see the reality of death. I could now understand why he was so viciously labeled as a deformed and cruel man. However, I sympathized with him and saw only the wonderful hidden beauty within. The cold grasp of his hand on me only brought warmth. The elegance of his movement across the room only brought me a feeling of safety and comfort. I’ve longed to feel this way for many years and on the eve of my last minute, I am able to do so. 

This creature, the creature well known for ruthlessly snatching lives has brought me happiness for the last time. He has brought me warmth and more kindness than any other being in this world. As I am now about to pass into the next, I am able to have peace with myself. Finishing the last dance, he lays my body gently to the floor. Unable to move or speak, the last thought that flowed effortlessly into my mind was “thank you”. An subconscious smile formed on my face as he gave me one last reassuring smile. Before he laid his small, white lips on my forehead, he brushed his hands from my head down the rest of my body slowly and painlessly. Stroke by stroke, I felt my soul loosen from the reins of my human body and escape through the fingertips of his hands. 
Giving me one last breath. One last thought. One last time to see the world. One last kiss. One last bit of love, before he left me. My head rested on the wooden floor, eyes open and watching him slowly exit the room. 
I danced with the man in black robes. Who’s large wings spread so beautifully in my life. The eve of my last hour, my last minute, my last second. Making me feel wanted, special, happy, safe and warm. More happy than anyone had made me before. More special than anyone had treated me before. More safe and warm than anyone had made me feel before. Knowing he was not evil, or cruel. Knowing he wasn’t the large scary man who had a distorted face with a blackened heart. He was my man in black robes. The same man who showed kindness on his pale and skinny face. Who showed warmth on his cold and body hands. 

I dance with the man in black robes and said goodbye to the world. 
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