For the runners

Sometimes I have irrational fears when it comes to you. 
Logic-less scares run through my mind when I get deep in thought about us two.
I worry I’m truly not your type.
I worry the way I full force show my love might feel to you as if I’m squeezing too tight. 
Seldom even thinking I know what it is that you want - to then compare it to all the things I’m aware I am not. 
There is no reason or rhyme for my fears considering if you brought to life my scares, it would simply mean you must have forgot. 
Meant you forgot that the way I cherish and care is more warm and elevating than any Colorado summer run you’ll take.
That you forgot just how easy I can make you laugh until your cheeks and stomach ache. 
For if my fallacious speculations aired 
I’d realize how foolish my thoughts have been, knowing they for a second fogged over my own rare ingredients as if I couldn’t see myself- having now my memory impaired. 
If all these invalid thoughts I had came to life it would simply mean- you aren’t recognizing that I look at you like the very last slice. 
Making it easy for me to allow you to forget your way into your own foolish paradise. 
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