Black Sheep

Skin dark as night and hard to see
Delicate words lost in allegory
Powerful defiance misjudged as anger
Danger, I have heard about you
You are not a passive one or the type that will coon
Why do you walk and talk like that?
Because in their mind, they have an interpretation of Black
To be seen and not heard
Caged like a yellow bird
What is that word?
Herd, gathered together and lead where the leader says go
Change the direction and switch the role
Complexity of being a Black Man
All shapes and colors like misplaced sand
Hand and hand, but our lives are not monolithic
We are all different and moral codes are intrinsic
If you are quiet, then you are passive
If you talk too loud, how harassive
Nice body, you are attractive
If you are an intellectual, they can grasp it
As long as you don’t mention what the past did
Everything you are now is because of what was then
A system designed to create the world we live in
Now you want people to break and bend
Mold themselves to a certain image
To belong to a space, place and time that we do not fit in
However, we press forward with our goals
Whether the truth is actually told
Creating our own self-image
Because it is our God-given privilege
Becoming better than we were yesterday
Reaching out a hand and encouraging others along the way
Care in our hearts for a future, we may never get to see
I pray their words don’t get lost in allegory
Because our blood, sweat and tears, will change those defining years
You will not have to fit a mold, for the world to see
Just be able to live and walk your path, authentically

By: Xavier Jonte’ Thompson
Posted by Xavier
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