Watermelon Kisses

An original art piece by the upcoming contemporary artist Bam (Christian Alexander).  Bam spent his early artistic years studying the brilliant minds that were Dali, Picasso, and Basquiat (his greatest influences). He uses aspects of his life growing up in Atlanta, GA to bring a sense of self and originality to his work. “I make time for myself to just sit and think when I wake up and just before I lay down to sleep,” Bam says while explaining the importance of observation and thinking. “Pay attention to the things you overlook in life, and you’ll discover more about yourself.” Bam is currently an advertisement design major attending Clark Atlanta University in his Junior year. He tells us to expect great things from him in the future. We’re looking forward to it.

You can find him on instagram and twitter: @bamsmiles_

Posted by Bam
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