To them

As I sit here enjoying the rain
In my car
That I'm paying off
With the weed that's been paying off
And the music that's been playing on

I can't help but hear of You
knocking on my memory 
Alive in my third eye
You remind me that- 
I have to do something with where I've been placed in this life. 
Thank you 

I know you still enjoy her too. As she gave birth to you. 
But I know you too have come to grips-
Gave dap to your own fate-
Accepted this bribe as a gift. 
Because it is a present like today. 
And though she is hard to look at sometimes ;
She is more than beautiful

Life has given us space
But we both see her face

Please know that here we feel it too
And though it's different than what she's showing you-
It's bone shakingly real too. 
Our minds have grown so so
We've planted so many gods in our minds
That we nearly eradicated our spirits. 
We're nearly only bodies of bones
Pray we hold on to our soul. 

And please say hello to him for us
I know he was here to recenter our focus. 

Keep in mind I know that you know. 
We've forgotten a lot of things that you know. 
Like I mentioned our heads have gotten so big,
We've fallen so far in love with ourself; 
We've fallen so in love with the individual. 
And we paint over it the name : ego..

But I know you know things we've forgotten

Still, don't loose your love, family. 

Because I think we're all trying to hold on to our Baby Love. 
The one person in the family we can't seem to let go of
Which is why we all exist and have been brought together. 
And even why we still can enjoy the weather 
I love you. 

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