Short and pink and fat 
Plays games with sad and small and black
Moving pawns across boards and tugging at straws with muddy paws
Animalistic boys in white splattered brown move pieces against the ground where sound sounds out 
Not bombs and shouts and screams but drinks and food and ice creams 
His hand moves and hers falls 
Sliding, climbing out of the well where the dirty water crawls;
One swims in clean blue with sweet dreams and blankets too 
And the other wrestles nightlife in huts of strings and bamboo 
Telephonic messages compared to a life lived by pessimists, glasses full compared to glasses empty means they have none but we have plenty. 
The final hand makes the final move
In jealousy and disregard for stars and a full moon. Out cries the werewolf and down goes the sun, 
Pink hands and black hands and the eating hour is done. 
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