Look Up and You’ll See a Different View

Being a young adult in this complicated world means we have to face difficulties and stressful situations with every step we take. People tend to be sucked into what they are doing and barely notice the mundane but beautiful things. My age group has always been seen as the 'most stressed-out and anxious' group of people because of what we needed to go through in order to make a stable living in this society; the unease of an unknown future; being lost; loneliness and helplessness in the industry. Having been in this state once in a while myself, I decided to do something about it, something small. So I set myself a personal task, and that is to try to notice things I normally would have neglected.

I took my analogue camera out for a stroll down the streets that I would go on a daily basis, and it is when I started to tilt my viewfinder upwards that I saw a completely different view, surprisingly enough, I never saw those shapes/colours/scenery before (even though I pass the area many times, I have always kept my view at eye level). By doing this project, I found that this process took over the feelings of self-doubt+stress+anxiety+over-thinking. The time I would have spent bathing in those negative thoughts was replaced with something more positive. It's a journey of an organic self medication process. These photographs informs the idea of 'if you look at things with a positive angle, you will discover new things'. Those negative feelings will do nothing other than pull you down and put out bad energy into the world, so why shouldn't one alter their perspective to give oneself a chance to see something new (if not positive) for a change?

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