an ode to missing you

my chest feels like it’s being pressed on 
it’s so hard to breathe when you’re not 
the absence of you 
is suffocating. 
teach me how to live 
when you’re not here to turn me on 
and keep me breathing 
the “next time” feels so far away. 
what do i do with my hands? 
how can i enjoy the smell of anything else 
when i’ve worn your clothes? 
smelled your perfume? 
take a breath 
remember the good words 
hope it works 
turn over 
try to sleep 
but my bed still feels empty. 
and the ukulele on my wall 
reminds me of the of the strumming pattern 
you taught me. 
down, down, down, up, down, up, down. 
and it plays in my head 
as i fail at the game of sleep. 
it’s all your fault.
Posted by corrie
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