This is the out pour of my inner most feelings from waking up on a Sunday morning, realizing that I am not my negative thoughts or the negative reactions people have to me. I am a collection of the power and the love I know I am capable of, that I have and hold within me. I deem the power I have, no one else can gate keep that. People can try to use their words against me but I have the power to choose to listen and let their words hold weight. I know what I am capable of. The more I know what I am capable of, the more people around me know exactly what kind of power I hold. I have the power of creating the person I am, so I do. Every element involved in this piece is intrinsically, intricately planned out, through the colors I chose for each prompt thought, to the numbers I’ve included. The numbers being present in my surroundings, holding meaning to my present feelings and thoughts, resonating with me to their core meaning together, holding meaning to the overall purpose of the piece. I withdraw the meanings of the numbers because I feel the viewer will feel drawn to researching the meaning of the numbers if they feel so inclined to, which is what I want them to do if they so desire. 
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