RnB Song: All I Want

What do you want? "What do I want?" A question that can be interpreted and answered in many different ways, from a simple choice in a McDonald's Drive Thru to a clashing conflict of interest between a devoted couple in a special relationship. In my first released single All I Want, I sing on a situation where the relationship mentioned above does not exist; this "more than friends" ideal is separated by hindrances such as distance, time, thought, action, or no action. This is a common theme of us lonely people who constantly have their thoughts stuck on a specific someone, but, in reality, the dots aren't connecting on the other side. We may lay in bed thinking about her, we may walk to class thinking about her adorable yet quirky smile, we may stare out the car window on a road trip across the country just imagining the sheer happiness life would be fulfilled, if only those feelings could come back our way. If love could come back our way. Sure we could just tell her how we feel, but is it that easy? Especially with all these different feelings building underneath, and the obvious looks she gives someone else, maybe telling her would make her unhappy. But oh does she look so beautiful, and oh how she somehow keeps me hooked in. If only I could just say it..........
Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/track/4McGQtxApv9vmXqevmfsyV?si=ZGqwGoIvSxqzz4lqjLSPmQ
Other platforms link: https://ampl.ink/7aqYQ

Robbie Magalong
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