Tonal Eclipse (of the Heart)

“Tonal Eclipse (Of the Heart)” is a groovy mashup of live samples taken from spontaneous recordings captured by Sarah while visiting family in Hawaii, as well as a rehash of the historic train sounds in Pierre Schaeffer’s seminal “Railway Etude” from 1948.

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Tonal Eclipse by Sarah Wallin Huff

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Sarah Wallin Huff holds an MA in Music Composition from Claremont Graduate University. As a violinist, violist, and 6-string electric violinist, she has extensive experience performing all styles in a variety of groups, recording projects, and solo and ensemble concerts across the USA and eleven European countries. She has enjoyed her work as a composer for concert halls and soundtrack work since 1993. While her sonic output crosses a variety of moods and styles, a common thread linking them all is what she calls “stream-of-consciousness composition,” in which every piece is built upon an enigmatic, underlying framework, from which the work fluidly evolves.
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