Pillow Talk

She sits in her chair
Day by day
Watching the green leaves turn brown
And the sun waste away
Her mind gazes into the vortex
Where her dreams are awoken
There’s so much life in her
But still it remains unspoken
A fruitful, rich and colourful tree
Tucked away in a shell
Guarded from reality
It slips and hits
A fracture line detailed along the back
Her glow is too bright to conceal  
No way of telling what’s fiction or real
Now she’s lost in a state of oblivion
Her fears and desires detached so she runs
Far as her little legs can make it
She’s free and soaked in colours of the rainbow
Moving in ways her body did think it could
Ears brush past clavicles and knees
Armpits bent back the other 90 degrees
She’s in love with it
But that taste in her mouth turns sour
Someone’s stitched her back up 
And she’s pulled back into her chair with a cup
Empty but dripping
She’s sees home and a past life slipping
Away back under the sea
Under dim lights and a thick breeze
But she still shines with the colours of the rainbow
If anyone knew to ask she would say so. 
Posted by RU3Yn
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