BAD-ASS DIVA (Short film)

BAD-ASS DIVA (short film)

Film Bio:
She's Bad, she's determined and when she asks for 76182 you better give it. She's "BAD-ASS DIVA".

A young woman enters a vintage video store with one request. When denied and locked in the store she must fight for her survival with everything she's got. Though two things are clear, she's not going down without a fight and she's not leaving without 76182!

After participating in the 48hr Film challenge.
I wanted to attempt a short action film.

Writer, Director, Editor
Keanu Sousa Mendes  


iphone 6S 
tripod/ homemade stabiliser

My fourth attempt at film. 
December 2017.
(I was 16 at the time.)
Check out my channel for more short films.
Filmmaker. 2015 - Present. "For the shot."
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