It comes in waves.

Missing you comes in usually tiny waves, yet tonight, I am drowning. 

Is it so crazy to say I miss you? Until this weekend, I haven’t even thought of you. You are a figment of my past. And I despised you most of the time. Yet for some reason, I saw you and I realized it was fun loving you. It was fun to kiss you and be held by you. Talking to you again took me back to the days when we would laugh together, or talk all night up on the phone. But we don’t work, and it’s seems we never will. And thats something for me to accept. Yet part of me wishes I could go back. Part of me wishes we worked out. We didn’t. It’s normal to miss someone, and for a close second, I wanted to get back together with you. But then I hear of something you have said or things you do, and I am reminded of why we actually broke up. I want to be friends with you, but sometimes it’s hard to look at you not see the boy I was once in love with. 
This isnt me wanting you back, just realizing what I had lost.
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