i am inspired by life. in each moment, inspiration flows. i see it everywhere. i find it in everything. and sometimes, it finds me. i am inspired by the laughter. by the jokes and glowing smiles. by midnight adventures and early morning stillness. i am inspired by nature. by the birds and the trees. i am inspired by earth. by storms and sun-kissed skin. i am inspired by the sky i am so infatuated with. by the clouds and the stars.  by bleeding sunrises and the crescent moon. i am inspired by the simple things. by the nostalgia and the excitement for what’s to come. i am inspired by art. by music and concerts. by words and poetry. i am inspired by my passions. by the fire that one day started burning inside me for the things i love. i am inspired by my dreams. by the person i am becoming. by the realms i will someday explore. i an inspired by creation. by self-expression and speaking my truth. i am inspired by the untouchable. by outer worlds so close, but so far away. i am inspired by duality. by both the shades of darkness and light. i am inspired by life and its every surprise. i am inspired by others and i am inspired by me. for inspiration lives inside everyone. it is everything. 
Posted by Marisa J
thank you for reading! thank you for being here! follow @writingbymarisa on instagram for more of my original poetry and photography.
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