A unique blend of wind,
A pivotal spin on the globe,
A finely placed reef
Brings together that wave,
A movement through time and space,
From the cosmic waves of another world,
To the shores you stand on right now,
The wave comes toward you.
An intricate working of physics and nature,
Of math from chalkboards
And pure, miraculous, holy water,
Meet together with you,
Sitting there, waiting, yearning.
A heart beats faster and faster.
You hear that roar, 
The emotion of the ocean being thrown upon you.
Heaven and hell come together,
to make that perfect wave.

Then it's just you and your board.
That's it.
The universe descends upon you
And, if you're lucky,
it picks you up.
It transcends you.
You go to the stars,
the galaxies, the meteors.
The world simply vanishes underneath 
But you're not airborne, no.
Not completely.
You go and go and go.
You get the climax of the feeling,
The marrow of the bone.
You feel the stars take you in as one of their own.

However, as quickly as it started,
You fall back down. 
A moment of recollection comes to you
And then you realize.
It's over. 
Breathlessness takes over.
By the end, you're ready to pass out.
When you finally do fall on the sand,
the still-warm pieces of silicon sinks into you,
Every crevice, every space between your hair roots.
The sun comes down,
But it's still warm.
It's still warm.
The breeze flows by,
But it sweeps up your spirit.
It squeezes your heart,
Like a sweet kitten,
Snuggling next to a ball of yarn,
By a safe, cozy fire.

And by then, 
It's time to go,
But you still don't forget.
You can't forget
Every superliminal lift,
Every salt drenched kiss.

Marina Ali is a medical student, writer, poet, and blue lipstick enthusiast. She is the poetry editor for Brown Girl Magazine. When she’s not writing or studying for classes, you can find her picnicking in pastoral East Texas, crafting for her sorority sisters, or making food.
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