In Translation

Currently an exhibit at the coffee bar, Hunter Bay, in Montana, In Translation recalls the ancient chinese mythos of Fu Hsi.
Fu Hsi set out to translate the raw world around him into a symbolic representation containing the masculine and feminine identities prevalent to culture during that period. 
Alec Bartell looked to translate those symbols back into the raw elements as they appear in the contemporary period. 
What follows is a series of analog processed photographs approaching a question of “How do we translate the complexities of the world around us and how in turn does those translations define our worldview. 
Symbols as follows:
—,—,— (heaven)
- -, - -, - - (earth)
- -,—,- - (water)
—,- -, — (fire)
—,—,- - (wind)
- -,- -,— (thunder)
- -,—,— (vapor)
—,- -,- - (mountains)
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