Small Opera - New Release - February 3rd 2020

Vancouver based musician, Jason Bienia, is set to unveil his new project in January 2020. His debut EP, titled - New River - will be released under the alias, Small Opera, a name inspired by “the grandiose nature of seemingly small moments.” 

Bienia helped pioneer the Saskatchewan noise, art rock scene in the early 2000’s and was the principal songwriter and frontman of underground bands Sliver and Samuel the Black Shaman. His most recent collaboration has been with the group, Media for Transformation – comprised of Vancouver based musicians focused on empowering young people to serve and contribute to improving their communities.  

In mid 2019, Bienia started writing and recording songs inspired by the chaotic, political and environmental conditions apparent in the world. New River is a simple offering that demonstrates the threads of hope that exist within chaos. “Each song on the record is not a prescription but rather an observation of life that extends over a week or a month. A portion of time that is a collage of ups, downs, boredom, thoughts, relationships, fears, joy, indifference, and yearnings for justice. Throughout these almost incomprehensible collections of moments we find threads of hope while walking a fine line between virtue and depravity.”

Check out Small Opera on Spotify for a sneak peek. 

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