More than a ticket to heaven my friend and saviour endeavours to win every aspect of my heart to triumph where I’m weak and I fail freely falling head over heels to find healing in the aching pain o strife where I’ve given life and limb to begin to understand that my beginning is not an end in itself but truly a transforming reality that transforms reality to bring heaven to earth and to go further than any other generation that comes before I know I can carry the baton of saints and go deeper than they gave, all for constantly laying foundation and again and again to let it fall and cause for layers of belief to saturate this face of the planet with grief of not knowing enough of the Holiness of God and how severe His grace is for us I can’t get it in my head or heart enough how can I ever fail to remember I am free and it is not heaven to me but to breathe and believe in the something more that we all desire an eternity with a smile and not a grave filled with wonder. I’ve found my purpose and I know I am building something that won’t just die out but because I have already given my life I know I am on the other side - there’s not a place to go than what is already here in motion perhaps I can go a little more into the knowledge but what can I say in my creature talk of s creator God I am infinitely small in His infinitely large arms and I am smothered in the love and the light and the life of Christ my king anointed by the cross of Calvary raised for all to be seen and glorified that day that heaven touched earth and ripped a chasm down the divide between God and man making them one - the Holiness is out and it is spreading and it wants you and it will make you more and more like Him. You are changed by grace my friend and you are formed in the fire of love that burns in His eyes for you.
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