The concept of the track was inspired by the continuous evolution and changes on which our planet, our universe and ourselves are constantly going through. The initial ideas for the track came like popping seeds in spring, with a lot of force and desires to exist and evolve on its environment (our recording studio). That precisely is where the title «Sprout» comes from.

It is quite curious to explore nature through music, particularly when most of these sounds are being produced and distributed utilizing digital technology and computers. These particular thoughts raised some questions and a reflection from this whole process:

Do we (human beings) manipulate nature? or, are we predetermined by it?

From my humble perspective, I believe both things happen constantly, however, I invariably doubt about the first one. In particular, because it makes me speculate on our real purpose as people and how free our will really is. Perhaps we are just pieces in a game or characters expressed in a three-dimensional computer simulation. Nevertheless, I would like to leave a space to exercise the privilege of the doubt, and for you, my dear reader, to full fill these doubts with whatever your experience and your heart tell you.

Technical note:

«Sprout» is the product of the combination of synthesized sounds and audio samples recorded at the studio, blended together as a live set using musical software and hardware, presented to you as an audiovisual texture.

It contains sounds of synthesizers, acoustic instruments, field recordings, and electronics. Organized as a collage that moves through different sections/ segments. The production was influenced by psychedelic, progressive, dark and indie electronic sounds.

Smooth sounds from London. Composer, producer and artist from the world.
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