The First Last.

The first time I saw you
You had no perception of light. 

Does the sun not set on your eye? 

You angled like a steep rock, crumbling at the edges,
Accusing me of darkness. You. 
I watch you in reflection. I stumble from hardware, from thorns, from promises and pledges,
How hard I worked to make you gleam, the first time I saw you. 

First kisses, our first empty wishes, 
They meant nothing to you. 
At first, the sun prevailed, her smile resplendent-
 it wasn’t long until you covered her in smut. 

You wasted no time. The beginning cycled back to our ending; you knew what you wanted the first time. 

Does the sun still not set on your eye? 

I ask you, only because I’m guilty, of why you cast out my light. 
If only I knew this before the first time. 

I dreamed in summer, and in longing, for my first to be bright. 
Your plans were different; you never smiled,
Not the first time when I breathed you light. 

Never the first time again, for I have lost this fight. 
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