Sunset Pallete

The true is that I love Sunset!  Every sunrise is the start, the new begging, but the sunset is so much more. 
The end of light, the white sky turns into a huge pallete with a wide amount of colors and shades. 
The end of the noise of a crowded city, When every loud voice stops and the whispers start. 
The warm colors which were lost during a bad storm.
Someone who is holding your hand and promise you no promises.
A french kiss, a big hug and a beautiful smile.
You, lonely, with your thoughts both wild and negative.
You and your favourite dslr or compact camera, ready to capture every moment to eternity. 
The source of inspiration for a lot of travellers.

Every end is liberating. It make you see with clarity. It makes you creative.
It is a chance to make you think what you have done and what you have not.

Although, even if there is a heavy feeling right on your chest, the sunset is here to reminds you that you are still alive and lucky to see this masterpiece.

Sometimes we underestimate things we haven't noticed because we were hurt, selfish or just in a hurry. 

However, you can rise your sight to watch a cosmic phenomenon like this.
Nothing have disappeared yet. Look around! Open your eyes! Dont lose something wonderful never again! 
The end is the start of a new chapter. There is no limit.
The only end is the sunset.

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