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Sofia Mifsud

Member since 10/2019

3 Posts
Natalia Landeros

Member since 07/2020

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Arron Wildman

Member since 08/2020

22 Posts
Leticia Vasquez

Member since 04/2021

Just posting my last thoughts before I go.
20 Posts
Ameerah Ali

Member since 07/2021

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Tim Peterson

Member since 07/2021

Learning to be mindful through poetry.
7 Posts
Andy Phillip Raphael Hatchett

Member since 07/2021

Musician Artist Producer
8 Posts
Sejal Jakhwal

Member since 10/2021

Just a 20 year old watching life pass in meaningless ways
5 Posts
Amelia Su.

Member since 04/2022

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