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Joshua Potts

Member since 08/2019

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Clay C. Pigeon

Member since 06/2020

Held together by folk songs and breakfast foods
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Arron Wildman

Member since 08/2020

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Sai vamsi Kondisetty

Member since 11/2020

Spiritual believer & travel photographer wants to explore different destinations and experiences traditions
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James Walsh

Member since 02/2021

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Mahmudul Hasan Sajib

Member since 05/2021

Always ready to capture moments...
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Big Jae Gutsy

Member since 07/2021

Born 23rd September, youngest of 4 kids from my mom, you could say I’m my mothers baby or daddy’s lil man but I grew up spoiled and also with a iron fist. I’m from a happy family, raised around love and loyalty, gravitated to hip hop when I was 3 and never drifted since then, used to have rhymes in my school books but always shy to rap around people, went to university and got my bachelors, street diploma and masters degree so I’m both book smart and street smart, I craft my style around Ghostface Killa, Jay-Z and Scarface and little splash of LL cool J. Please follow me on Twitter on @therealbig10 and Instagram on @bigjaegutsy and on bandcamp on
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Jose Navarro

Member since 08/2021

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Jennifer Wilkins

Member since 08/2021

Original work by Lady Jeni. A contemporary artist b. 1968. Active 2012 - Present. Lady Jeni models her work after Mid Century and Atomic Era styles. Her work is available through Arthouse Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky. She can also be seen on Instagram the_lady_jeni.
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omar blk

Member since 12/2021

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