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How to Combat Censorship with a Video Game

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 In the courtyard, there is a giant statue of a fist grasping a pen. It is defiant, empowering and apt. The library’s grounds are decorated with hundreds of perfectly lined trees, gardens weaved into the architecture, and stairways of bright, white stone. The building itself is breath-taking in scale, modelled after a neoclassical design and capped with a vast dome. Emblazoned on a pediment supported by thick pillars are the words, ‘The Uncensored Library,’ and above them is a small, book-shaped relief, identifying this place as a refuge for the written word. Where is this majestic place? Not in any country, for sure; because If it were, that would defeat the object of what it was built to achieve. The one and only place you can find it is in Minecraft, which means the best-selling video game of all time is now also home to a project with a noble purpose.
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